Tria Age Defying Laser Review

Tria age defying laser reviewThe Tria age defying laser makes a bold claim that has caused mass confusion among women, questions range from does the Tria anti aging laser work? How does it work? If it does work is it safe? On this page you will find one if not the most comprehensive Tria age defying laser reviews that can be found anywhere. The goal of this Tria age defying laser review will be to answer all the possible questions you could have so you can truly understand this product and determine if it’s for you by cutting through all the marketing hype.

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Most women would be familiar with the brand Tria especially if they have any experience of using any sort of at home laser hair removal device.  Tria is known for manufacturing products that are years ahead in innovation and normally set the industry standard. This can be seen with the Tria hair removal laser 4x which we rated as the best at home laser hair removal device in the market you can see the complete ranking by clicking here.

I first ran into the Tria age defying laser when I was browsing around looking for more Tria products and the name just caught my attention. This has to be the boldest product name I have ever heard “Age defying laser” WOW I just had to check this out. It’s also popularly also referred to as the Tria anti aging laser and the Tria wrinkle remover.

The people at Tria have outdone themselves with the Tria age defying laser I was a bit hesitant at first thinking even Tria can’t deliver this right now maybe they have overreached this time. Tria changed the entire at home laser hair removal market when they became the first ones to manufacture high quality laser hair removal devices that can be used in the home whose results were comparable to those of top level spas and salons. Now they have done the same again allowing women access to top level wrinkle remover laser from the convenience of their own homes.

Feature of the Tria Age Defying Laser that has People calling it the Tria Anti Aging Laser!

  • Tria age defying laser works the same way as most anti-aging laserstria age defying laser review found at professional treatment laser clinics that remove wrinkles and other signs of aging. Anti aging lasers work by releasing a beam of light that is set at a very specific frequency which goes deep within the skin once there the light promotes the skin to produce more collagen and elastin naturally. This extra collagen and elastin helps to diminish wrinkles and other signs of aging such as sagging skin. Frequent laser treatment also promotes the skin to appear more youthful and vibrant. Since the laser is able to penetrate deep within the skin layer its able to promote a greater amount of collagen and elastin production then any anti aging cream.
  • Tria age defying laser has been clinically tested and proven and is tria wrinkle remover
    recommend by many top level dermatologists. Every time lasers are involved the most IMPORTANT feature to check for in the device is whether the device is approved by a highly credible safety standard board. The Tria age defying laser is approved by the FDA for at home use by women and men. The Tria anti ageing laser uses fractional type laser technology this is the same type of laser found in most treatment clinics.
  • See lasting and visible results in little as 12 weeks you must understand tria beauty age defying laser that the Tria age defying laser removes wrinkles and makes the skin more youthful through a natural process. It takes an average of about 12 weeks for the collagen levels to have reached an adequate level to see credible results. But in as little as 2 weeks you would start to notice positive changes occurring in the skin. This 12-week time period is also for laser treatments which are done in professional laser clinics as well so that’s why this is quite fast for an at home laser for wrinkles and ageing. For most at home lasers for ageing you can expect to see visible results at around 12-15 weeks and sometimes even longer.
  • 95% of users reported smoother skin and improvement in skin tria wrinkle laser appearance and 87% reported that the skin looked more youthful during the consumer clinical testing. 75% of people also reported that they experienced reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. These are pretty good results for an at home age defying laser. They are a little bit lower than the results you get from professional laser clinics but when the Tria age defying laser is compared with other at home laser devices its considerable better in delivering results to its users.

Some faults we found in the Tria age defying laser!

tria age defying laser before and after

This Tria age defying laser review won’t be complete if we didn’t mention some things we didn’t like about the “Tria anti ageing laser” and facts potential buyers should be aware off.

  • The Tria beauty age defying laser does not have the option of replacing the battery once it runs out. Once the devices battery runs out which is about after three years you don’t have the option of replacing it and would have to buy a new device if you want to continue using it. I would have preferred Tria having an option of simply buying and replacing the battery. But the 3 years’ period is a long time and is more than enough time to get full use of this device not just on your face but also other areas that required attention. And the price of the Tria age defying laser is as much as the cost of a couple of sessions at a good quality professional laser clinic so considering this the non-replaceable battery is not so bad.
  • Not the most comfortable beauty product to use if you have any sort of experience with laser hair removal then you have nothing to worry about. But for those women who have not experienced lasers before they should know it’s harder experiencing lasers for the first time on your face. The pain is not unbearable and is comparable to what you would experience at a professional laser clinic but for women who were expecting no pain at all sorry to break it to you.

Finishing off the Tria Age Defying Laser Review!

The Tria age defying laser should be an easy choice for any women who is looking for the best at home anti-ageing laser treatment today. The Tria anti ageing laser comes close to the results that are delivered at professional treatment laser clinics but it can be used in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

The Tria beauty age defying laser has a very hefty price tag especially for a beauty product but that is justified if you compare the price of the device with the cost of an in-office treatment session these days. With this device you can expect professional level results from the comfort of your home.

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